Riverwood’s Windy Blu

Riverwood’s Windy Blu

Blu is Mark’s first field trial dog. Her pinpoint marking, great biddability, and willingness to take direction along with wanting to do the right thing have allowed us to accomplish some pretty cool things in her young field trial career. With no trips down south in the winter and being amateur trained along with being handled by 2 different handlers, really gives testament to the type of animal she is and to her abilities.

Often you hear that the good markers don’t run good blinds. Blu breaks that mold by being very tractable and doing so with style. Blu does not need much pressure as she is intelligent and understands what is being asked and is willing. Blu also has a remarkable off-switch and is the perfect companion growing up in a house with three small children. When Blu isn’t competing in a field trial, she enjoys paddleboarding, jetskiing, hunting in North Dakota, and sleeping in bed with her family.

A special thank you needs to go out to Kurt and Gail Mueller of Muellers’ Retriever Kennels who started both Blu and myself in this crazy sport.  Without them and their encouragement, support and knowledge, neither Blu nor myself would be where we are at. Thank you Kurt and Gail.

Also, a thank you to all who have been part of our amatuer training group through the years and thrown birds for us.  As amateurs, we can’t do it alone and successes are really group successes.


  • 4 derby points with 50% finish rate
  • Qualifying Win as a 2-year-old
  • 7 All-Age finishes in 10 consecutive trial
  • Amateur Win week after 4th birthday
  • 5 Open finishes
  • 11 all-age finishes and 11 points in 1st 13 months of campaigning
  • 2019 NARC Qualifier – 4th Series
  • 100% amateur trained and handled with no trips down south
  • 10 Hall of Fame Dogs, 12 National Champions in pedigree
  • 6 of 12 all-time top producing Dams in pedigree


  • 39 Dogs with FC titles
  • 41 Dogs with AFC titles
  • 3 of 4 Grandparents 100+ point dogs earning over 500 points and 15 National Finalists
  • Over 16 100+ point dogs

National Champions
(12 Dogs with 22 National Titles):

  • 2011 NAFC AFC Cody Cut a Lean Grade
  • 2007 NFC Candlewood’s Something Royal
  • 2000 NFC AFC Maxx’s Surprise
  • 2000 NAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
  • 1999 CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
  • 1998 CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
  • 1995 NAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac
  • 1993 NFC Candlewood’s Tanks a Lot
  • 1992 CAFC Waldorf’s High Tech
  • 1992 NFC Candlewood’s Super Tanker
  • 1991 CNFC Chena River No Surprise
  • 1991 NFC Candlewood’s Tanks a Lot
  • 1990 NFC Candlewood’s Tanks a Lot
  • 1990 NAFC Candlewood’s Super Tanker
  • 1988 CNAFC Chena River No Surprise
  • 1987 CNFC Waldorf’s High Tech
  • 1984 NAFC Trumarc’s Zip Code
  • 1976 NFC San Joaquin Honcho
  • 1974 NAFC Ray’s Rascal
  • 1968 NFC Super Chief
  • 1968 NAFC Super Chief
  • 1967 NAFC Super Chief

10 Hall of Fame Dogs:

  • NFC AFC Candlewood’s Something Royal (2014)
  • FC AFC CNFC CAFC Chena River No Surprise (2004)
  • 2X NAFC 2X CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac (2003)
  • FC AFC Wilderness Harley to Go (2003)
  • FC AFC Code Blue (2000)
  • 3XNFC AFC Candlewood’s Tanks a Lot (1997)
  • FC AFC Itchin’ to Go (1995)
  • NAFC FC AFC Trumarc’s Zip Code (1993)
  • NAFC FC Ray’s Rascal (1993)
  • NFC 2x NAFC Super Chief (1992)

Top All-Age Dams of All Time in Pedigree
(based on total points of Progeny)

  • #1 NFC-AFC Candlewoods Tanks a Lot
  • #2 FC-AFC Tequila Sunrise ix
  • #3 FC ACF CNFC CAFC Chena River No Surprise
  • #7 NFC-AFC Candlewood’s Something Royal
  • #9 FC-AFC Candlewood’s Homely Hannah
  • #12 Dust Devils Desert Duk MH

Link to Blu’s Pedigree (Hunt Lab Pedigree)

Career Highlights:

Amateur owned, trained and handled

Never gone south for winter

Minor Stakes:

  • 3rd in first Derby
  • Derby – 6 finishes, 3 placements, 4 points
  • RJ in first Qualifying
  • 1st Place in qualifying as 2-year-old


  • 11 all-age finishes and 11 points in 1st 13 months of campaigning
  • 7 Finishes in 10 Consecutive Trials
  • Jam in second Amateur
  • Jam in sixth Open
  • 5 Open Finishes
  • 6 Amateur Finishes includes a 1st, 2nd, 2nd and 2 Reserve Jams


  • Qualified for 1st national 11 months into all-age career (which includes 5-month Northern off-season)
  • 4th Series of 2019 NAFC in Ronan, MT


  • Littermate with Open Win and 6.5 points